Desiring Ecologies: Meaning-Making in the Network Wilderness


Here are the slides and a complete transcript of my 2015 Information Architecture Summit talk on information design for emerging organic networks. This is the latest iteration of a topic I had the honor and privilege to deliver at the Italian IA Summit in Bologna (as the Keynote talk), and at Seattle’s inaugural World IA […]

Responsive Information Architectures

Responsive Information Architectures

Responsive web design offers some great tactics for handling context changes at the page level. Yet we often continue to use a single, static information architecture to express meaning across wider information contexts. Responsive Information Architectures explores what a more “responsive” IA might look like – and offers some tactics for how to create one.

O’Reilly Radar IA Series

O'Reilly Radar

This is a series of articles I wrote for O’Reilly Radar examining the relationship between information architecture and interface design in light of the emerging connected environment.

Taxonomy for App Makers


Ever wonder how language and meaning fit into the more practical side of mobile application design? This is a question I tackle in my 2013 Information Architecture Summit talk, “Taxonomy for App Makers.” I’ve just added the complete audio to go along with the slides – check out the slidecast above for the full effect.

Language + Meaning + User Experience Architecture


There is an architectural concept called the “kitchen triangle” that I often use in talks and presentations. I use it to point out the difference between arguments and articulations of arguments. The gist of it is this: in order to create an effective kitchen, the sink, the stove and the refrigerator must each be placed […]

Designing with Code


Although many designers are loathe to do it (and with good reason), designing with code helps us articulate the various ways in which our content relates to itself. This, in turn, helps us think more pragmatically about the systems we design. Check out my new article “Designing with Code” on UX Booth to learn how […]

The Trouble with Systems


Much virtual ink has been spilled in the last year or two over the importance of thinking about information design in terms of systems as opposed to thinking of it as a set of carefully laid out maps. In a 2012 blog post on Embodied Responsiveness, Andrew Hinton observed that “rather than trying to pre-program […]